Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Irish Winners at the Templar Pamphlet Comp

Congratulations are due to Paul Maddern and Nuala Ni Chonchuir. Strictly speaking Paul is from Bermuda, but we've adopted him in Belfast, and what's theirs is ours and vice versa. I know Paul from my days in Queen's last year and where he is just finishing off a doctorate on sound and poetry.

In Templar's words:

Templar Poetry is delighted to announce the winners of the 2009 Templar Poetry Pamphlet Prizes. The full results, including the anthology poets, and other new titles will be placed on the Templar Poetry Website on Sunday 12th July. The publication of all new pamphlets and collection will be celebrated at the Derwent Poetry Festival in late autumn.

Nuala Ni Chonchuir: 'Portrait of the Artist with a Red Car'

Paul Maddern: Kelpdings

David Morley: The Rose of the Moon

Dawn Wood: Connoiseur

A huge congrats to all the winners -and a special shout out for Nuala - yay!


Group 8 said...

Thanks B - I'm delighted. Go to my blog to see my cover art. It's v appropriate and fun!

Unknown said...

That's so perfect, that cover N - just spot on!

Group 8 said...

Actually, Dawn Wood grew up in Omagh and studied at Queens’ too. So the Irish cleaned up, it seems!

Unknown said...

Janey Mac, well, they're always telling us Irish how talented we are in the poetry department :)))

Colin Will said...

Delighted to see that my friend Dawn Wood is in there. As WRW says, she grew up in Ireland but has been living in Scotland for some time. She's a trained scientist too, which gives her work a different viewpoint.

Unknown said...

Ooo - it's a small world Colin, and the poetry world is tiny! So cool that you know her work so well, I'm looking forward to reading all the winners in due course!