Friday, February 17, 2012

The book takes shape

Just back from the lovely kingdom county, otherwise known as Kerry, where I've been working on the manuscript of the new book, with my editor, Noel King.

Noel is a fine poet in his own right, having a long-awaited debut collection published in 2010 by Salmon press: Prophesying the Past. So he knows his poetry onions and it's easy to trust his instincts when editing, because he's usually right!

We had the lovely job of having to lose poems: some because they were not quite right for the book, others simply because we didn't have enough room in the end - and that's not a bad complaint to have!

The book now has a shape, and I feel I can now start calling it a book, not a ms anymore. It feels stronger than the first one: I hope that is true, I can't say for certain myself, because I'm far too close to it at present. You know, wood for trees syndrome and the like. Sometimes I think it's bloody marvellous; at others I'm just not sure. Tell me other people doubt like that too?

The title will be The Angels' Share. It begins with whiskey and ends with arses. And there is a pair of boobs in there as well... some mountaineering poems, a fair few sonnets, even some chips. I hope there's something for everyone!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Interview on

Kate Dempsey, otherwise known as Emerging Writer, has posted an interview she did with me on

Pop along and have a read and find out how I got into reading and writing poetry and my time spent writing lyrics for a band I used to sing with... and discover how my newly coming collection is progressing.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New year, new...

Here we are on St. Brigid's day already, and not a peep on the blog in an age. Things are moving again on the poetry front. All being well, I hope to back with my fellow peers in Ballinasloe, this weekend, and there's talk of a new collection coming out this year, with Doghouse.

That said, I need to see if I've actually got the good makings of a book: the real test is the editing day, or days, I'll be spending down in Tralee. Not too long to go now: I'm hoping to get down over the half-term coming up shortly.

The title seems to have settled on the one thing. I won't say just yet, but I'm quietly pleased with it and hope it reflects the collection as a whole.

In the meantime, I've been getting used to me new iPad. I think I can safely say it's one of the most useful presents I've ever had. The kids have been teasing me about how I never put the damn thing down.

I've all sorts of wee games and functions on it now, and a whole lifetime's worth of music is now on tap whenever I'm up for it. I can even listen to the radio, read and sometimes type at the same time. I even read poems from it at a reading the other night!

If you've got one, do look out for a wee game app, Machinarium: it has great appeal if you're into solving puzzles and lateral thinking at the same time. Reminds me of all the Discworld games I used to play - not that long ago!

Better start thinking about doing some readings and promotion then, hadn't I?