Monday, October 23, 2006

Tilting away in the Northern Hemisphere

This is why October is such a beautiful month to me... amongst many other reasons!

October in our house, especially late October is known as the official month of the donning of the school tights.

It's also when I get out my crock pot and start cooking things like Irish stew, and homemade Steak and Kidney pie. Yeeeuuumm!

From here on in I start to turn my head towards the midwinter festival:

The Crumbs of a Prudent Housewife’s Year

After Dylan Thomas

When the thieving hands of time steal back
What the tilt of the seasons has lent,
When the dim twilit hour fades in our hearts
Insistent the chime of Chronos’ song.

When the cook's thought turns to humble pie
And tender stewed meat and barley soups,
Then you know truly that winter is come
All toil of the year is the tale in the broth

When the lacklustre light of dreary days
Calls the blackened kettle to hale good cheer
T’is then all good folk give greeting and say
You won’t feel it now, ‘til Christ’s Mass is near.’


Anonymous said...

Funny isn't it, how October brings the change from salad to suet?

Unknown said...

Comfort food - can't beat it with a good stick!

David Todd said...

The midwinter festival, is that the 13th month?

Unknown said...

Depends on 'witch' calendar you're using ;¬)

apprentice said...

Yup soup pot is out here too! Wild here today, beeches across the road are rocking like James Brown!

David Todd said...

Aye, my Mrs says 'it's a good drying day' her with all her supernatural powers :-)