Monday, September 17, 2007

Radio, Radio...

I've been asked to go on local radio tomorrow morning - the station is Dundalk FM and if you check on the webpage, they have a listen online facility.

I'm not sure whether they've got the capacity for downloadable podcasts, so if you happen to be near a computer tomorrow morning tune in at about 10:45 to Dundalk Daily with Harry Lee. It is repeated later on in the evening at 10pm, so I might have worked out how to record it myself at that stage... Just click on the red fly past banner near the top of the Dundalk FM page to listen.

I'll be talking a little about myself, as well as reading a few poems from the book (whilst trying not to cringe).

This evening, I'm off to Dublin to support another Doghouse pup: Hugh O'Donnell, whose book I have had the pleasure of reading from cover to cover before it was even published - we proof read each other's work the day before they both went to print. Hugh's work is widely published in Ireland, and he's had the privilege to have been published in Poetry Ireland Review many times (the Irish equivalent of Poetry Review or thereabouts), indicating the standard of his work.

Indeed Hugh's book Planting a Mouth will be launched by it's now retiring editor, Peter Sirr. I wouldn't recommend reading someone's collection in one sitting normally, but Hugh's book is a very good read :)

Update: a friend and colleague has been able to catch the interview, so, as soon as I receive it I will post for the delectation of you all :)


Jon M said...

Hope the interview went well. I'll try to catch it tonight? On T'internet?

Minx said...

Ooooh - just catching up on all the gossip while I was away. So many congratulations for everything.


apprentice said...

Ach it ate my comment. You'll be grand and I'll try and listen on-line.

Ola said...

The front cover design for 'Kairos' is absolutely fabulous! congratulations once again!

Cailleach said...

Thanks very much for dropping by Ola -the cover is by an artist called Anna O'Byrne from Kerry. She's very good - and I get to meet her tomorrow night for the first time!

Apprentice - thanks for the gee up!

Minx - I sure am! Can't quite believe it, but it's happened!

Jon m - might be able to sort out something more user friendly for you guys to hear it :)