Saturday, March 03, 2007

When there's nothing else for it...

... there's always The Cure - Lor' Bless 'em!

Especially Faith, Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me with my personal all-time track, 'If only tonight we could sleep' and my particular other favourite album, The Head on The Door.

Deep dark stuff, or not as you like it - but I really don't think they make being a teenager like this any more. Aahhhh!

How's your eclipse...?


Minx said...


Listened to 'Seventeen Seconds' the other day, the original and the best! 'Love cats' still rocks me floaty boat as well.

Ah, them was the days. Spose we have turned into the equivalent of 50's throwbacks - oh dear!

Shameless said...

Nothing like them! :)