Monday, March 26, 2007

The Wedding Group

The Wedding Group
He looks to the centre –eyes glazed.
She looks to the right – smile glazed.
Baby’s eyes are devil red, facing front
as are the eldest sons of He and She.
The foreground is a blur of children.
Tired eyes rubbed, a curtsy of
thirsty white chiffon,
and a stampede of five year olds.


Jan said...

Smile glazed...I like that!
Real hook of an opening here.Great stuff.

mutleythedog said...

Nice to read you - I shall be back!

jason evans said...

The poem really captures the essence of the moment. Well done!

John said...

Nothing quite like it, is there?

chiefbiscuit said...

Yes I can see and hear it all. Those kids in the front are so typical of .... kids!

Anonymous said...

I notice that you get paid to write criticism. If only I had known such a thing was possible at a younger age.

As a man, I think I am a natural born critic. It is so much easier to be a critic than an artist I feel. How does one go about getting paid for criticising ? I see my myself more as a 'jack of all trades' in the critic department, rather than constraining myself to one area.

Criticising films, restaurants, people, taxi drivers, chavs, binge drinkers - I have plenty of ammo, so just let me know who it needs to be fired at...

Love you lots..

Carole said...

There's such a lot packed into this short poem. I love the 'glazed eyes' and the 'glazed smile' and 'the stampede of five year olds'.

On the subject of criticism, I don't think it is the prerogative of men. I have great trouble anaethetising my own inner critical voice when i start to write a poen (or anything else for that matter).

Atyllah said...

Wonderful imagery! So few words speak so much.

Debi said...

brill - as always (yeah - I'm good on the insightful criticism, ain't I?)