Thursday, March 08, 2007


R-e-s-p-e-c-t! Find out what it means to me!

Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me...

This is one very tired girl reporting in from Ireland! Just started new job with the PGA Irish region in the local Golf Club - before you start thinking, 'Ooooh,' it sounds more exciting than it actually is. My job is my first real love - accounts, which I only discovered about five years ago.

Being one of those in school that thought 'Maths! Yeuch!', it came as some surprise to find that accounting for things is something that I really enjoy. Well, it shouldn't have been a surprise, really, I do organised quite well - sometimes - and to me accounting is something that is an extension of that. It's just organising on paper, and computer, and in boxes, and in folders. And that's the thing really, I do like putting order on things.

Now, if only I could apply the same method to my words and get a handle on form..?

This is my next mission. As I'm currently tackling a Creative Writing course that involves challenging my notions of what constitutes methods and forms of writing, poetic form is on my list of things to do this year. We are going to be tackling the nebulous area of form and how to overcome the jitters . I can't wait until that section of the course - but - there's the fiction part to get through first, and surprisingly for me, I am enjoying that part tremendously, stretching wee 'fictional' muscles that haven't seen the light of day since way back when.

Oh, and I've been invited to a launch of a collection of writing that includes mine! More news soon!


Shameless said...

You can do my books anytime. They are a disgrace and in French!

Cailleach said...

Shameless - you shameless shaman you!
I'll do your books anytime, French or not!

I think figures do translate across languages? We have arabic to thank for that, originally!

Debi said...

'Oh, and I've been invited to a launch of a collection of writing that includes mine!'

More news 'soon'? Me wants it NOW!!!

apprentice said...

Great news on the collection. I'm with you on numbers, I love them, especially stats, and interpreting what they don't tell you!

Yoiu might like numericlife's blog, see my sidebar

chiefbiscuit said...

Sounds exciting and fulfilling - way to go!

Carole said...

I love Maths especially algebra. I was a Maths teacher in another life. I see a close affinity between maths and music and poetry.

Enjoy the fiction section of your course while you can. If you are at all like me you'll be sedduced into writing poetry for the remaining assignments.

Minx said...

Oh, the numbers, the numbers!

Me new job requires number crunching, or number violation in my case! But, strangely, I am beginning to see a certain tidiness in it all adding up at the end of the day - mostly.

And please don't dangle carrots - what 'collection'?

john.g. said...

A job with the Irish PGA? Take up golf, you`ll need good maths to add your first score up !!

john.g. said...

A job with the Irish PGA? Take up golf, you`ll need good maths to add your first score up !!

john.g. said...


Cailleach said...

Oh ha ha, John! I don't play - I just process the figures... ;)

Doesn't stop me watching it though... Golf to me is mind games of the highest order! You play yourself... mostly! Think Colm Montgomerie.

The figures end of things, I am beginning to find, doesn't bear analysing. I understand Maths in a weird way. I intuitively do it, but when you ask how I do it, it comes apart - a little like a magic trick..?

Atyllah said...

The creative writing course sounds brilliant - there's nothing quite like having the brain muscles stretched and challenged.

And I'll echo "Maths! Yeuch!"

Jan said...

My friend M and I messed about in Maths.
As soon as we didn't understand something( or weren't interested, which was permanently) we shut down.
M still has silly notes we wrote to each other in the lessons.They are brilliant, so the lessons weren't a waste of time AT ALL! Years later, in her 30's, M said " I'll show 'em!" and took herself off to do a Maths degree; she got a 1st.
She's actually a pretty organised person so I imagine you're right making that connection about your own work.