Friday, August 03, 2007

Rob and The Guardian Challenge

Rob from Surroundings has pointed up the latest Guardian Poetry Challenge, which is to take opening lines from the poet, W. S. Graham and use them as opening lines for new poems.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'm going to try this out too!

The first line in the list, is Imagine a forest. How could you pass a line like that?

Rob suggests taking all the lines and drafting a poem a day and posting it for C&C. Now doesn't that sound like a plan?


Rob said...

Not so much for C and C - more just for the hell of it!

You've made a good start in poem number one with the inverted eyes idea.

Cailleach said...

Cheers Rob, needs some work, though. I like the openness of all the opening lines, there is much to be made from it!
You are right about 'the hell of it.' Sometimes you need a good old deadline to hang over your head!