Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Remembering a better day!

Well, there's underneath the Golden Gate bridge on the far side from the city. I'm browsing through these pictures today because a) I'm indulging in some fanciful escape from study and b) I need some cheering up today!

It's day three of giving up smoking and it really is turning into a battle against my own will. I have a little voice inside me saying... have a smoke, you want a smoke, etc... and another little voice going... no! be positive, you've got to day 3! what an achievement, etc... sheesh!

If I survive another day 'weeth thee leetle voices', I reckon I'll be doing well... One part of me thinks that this is not really the best year to try giving up, the other part of me thinks, well, in two years time - the big four-oh... you still wanna be smoking then? Perseverence is every thing! Posted by Picasa

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