Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day Seven who hoo!

Yes, well it will get boring if I keep going on about it, won't it, so I'll keep it to a weekly update now, I think, seeing as how I've got over a week...

Nice 'lil picture here of some berries on a holly twig, reminding me of the holly tree at the bottom of our garden, or should I say trees, as these things need to grow in pairs, if you're to get any flowers from which the berries come from - which leads me nicely into remembering a friend of mine's story about Holly, who ended up snaring a boyfriend in an ancient wood somewhere. Hopefully Messalina'll dig it up and post it somewhere...?

Now then, on to my main thought for the day, apart from what to do with the Dombey family
- what a dysfunctional family - I thought mine was bad... but then again, this whole functional/dysfunctional thing, well, I mean what is normal in a family these days? Seems all pore Dickens wanted was to put the soul and spirit back into the hearts of people, 'wot 'ad 'ad it ripped aught.'

... anyway quite a million miles from what I was actually thinking about, which is a question rearing it's head over and over again; that of art and it's uses... I've given it a lot of deep thought - that's deep thought, not deep throat - and have come to the conclusion that I'm much too young to be having deep thoughts of such depth. I might try again later after I've finished the Nineteenth and Twentieth century courses.

I seem to have an enduring image from the HitchHikers Guide series of the guys asking the computer the answer to life, the meaning of, and feel like giving the computer's answer: 42. That Douglas Adams knew what he was on about alright! Posted by Picasa

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