Friday, November 13, 2009

StAnza virtual poetry fest

Have a look at the post on Colin Will's blog about tomorrow, Saturday 14th's web festival of poetry, brought to you by the folks at StAnza.

They're beaming in live poetry from all over the world, from Mumbai, India to Sacramento, USA and everywhere in between, by satellite to St Andrews and then it's simultaneouly being webcast - so you can enjoy the action from the comfort of your own laptop.

StAnza website is here The festival kicks off at 1pm and finishes at around 10pm with live music etc to close. Remember this is a live stream; there won't be any catching up if you've missed anything, but you can tune in at any stage during the day.

Colin has the full line up in his post, mentioned above, along with poems, pics and translations. Do check out this exciting virtual poetry festival if you can, Saturday!



Hello Barbara, will get to have a good butchess at this at some stage. Honestly my eyes are going square looking at the screen. Hope you're well...yes hacking away at stories. I need to stop very soon!!!

Michelle said...

The StAnza virtual poetry fest sounds really innovative. Great stuff!

And have a good weekend, Barbara - again.