Friday, November 27, 2009

Nude Launch Afters

Sorry I wasn't back here sooner, I was a little, um, busy this last two days.

Anyhow, Nuala's launch for Nude went very well indeed: quite a crowd turned out in the delightful No Grants Gallery for the night and many copies were sold - good job too. What great timing to have a nude exhibition, as a backdrop for the launch.

I collected my bag of copies for my creative writers and they can't wait to receive them tomorrow - they've been made wait a little longer than I first anticipated, so I'm glad to be delivering them.

Afraid I had to swing away early, I had an appointment with a large dose of preparatory lower-tummy medicine, and a toilet (and the least said about that the better - yuk!).

But I did manage to quickly swing by the Irish Writer's Centre to pick up a copy of the Davy Byrnes Six Stories shortlists and winners - and you gotta take your hat off to Claire Keegan - 'Foster', her winning story, is a pure blow-away. Feic me.

If you want to see pics, pop on over to Nuala's blog. My favourite is the one with all the chaps under the nude pictures ... :)


Rachel Fox said...

Much praise for your speech I read! Well done you too.


Sorry to miss it Barbara. Sounded lovely. Hope to see you soon!
Jaki x

Rachel Fenton said...

That was my favourite pic, too - haha!

Group 8 said...

Hi B
Thanks for the shout out, hope you are feeling better. You did a marvellous job of the speech - thank you!
I had ordered the DB book online. Claire's story is vintage Claire - beautifully done. I love Kathleen Murray's story too - the layers, the layers. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I was going to compare proctological notes, but I decided it wouldn't be right.

Unknown said...

No, it wouldn't, Colin, you're dead right there... ;)

Debi said...

You've an eye for a headline, girl!