Thursday, July 30, 2009

Deep Cleanse and Escape

Well, I've been back almost a week from the wonderous getaway writer's hotel (okay you get artists there too and dancers and musicians) that is the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig. It was brilliant, I wrote loads and met loads of new and interesting people and talked the face of myself. About writing, art, that I like.

And I feel like it was a month ago. I was whisked off to Cabra Castle, home of the romantic getaway, by mon cheri, for our fifth wedding anniversary. Imagine: five years. People in prison get parole ... only joking!

From Our wedding + Kerry

Back in 2004... ah, God be with the days. Feel free to embiggen. And laugh!

So of course once I got back, there was the state of the house to be contended with. I've just got over the brow of the washing, cleaning and scrubbing mountain today. Even the goldfish were washed.

And very soon I am off to the Kingdom, Ciarrai, for my annual dose of mountains, sea and obligatory Irish-style picnics: sandwiches complete with sand and 'hang' (ham to those not Irish).

From Kerry pictures 03

The western view from our (rented) holiday house in Ciarrai. From the sitting room window.

When I get back, there's Flatlake Literary & Arts Festival, where I'm reading in not one, but two acts, with some really top notch poets and writers! This summer gets more active by the day. Keep an eye on WRW's blog and Musings for more info, as well as Emerging Writer's

See y'all on the far side :)


Kay said...

Oh wow I am left breathless Barbara! It sounds like a fantastic whirlwind of events and that you enjoyed every one to the max. As you should've! Congrats on the reading, and go well.

apprentice said...

Enjoy missus! I love your wedding dress, very elegant.

And just wait until you've done 30 years, mass murders get less!:)

Liz said...

Enjoy yourself, Barbara, an Irish beach sounds very appealing just now (heatwave in full swing here!)
And see you amidst the bales of hay in Clones ; )
(enjoyed your holiday snaps - the kids look dead cute!)

Jo said...

Very jealous........have fun and yes, the dress is beautiful.


You look stunning. Busyness is great. Enjoy! See you at Flat Lake.

Dick said...

Busy, busy, enjoy, enjoy! (Deeply envious...)