Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Lady Doth Protest

Over at Indieoma, there's a week's worth of articles and views on the idea of protest, called 'Your Voice'. I've got a piece, Voicing the Truth on the difficulty of crafting a 'protest poem,' Sean has a piece, Vox Interruptus, on stammering; Karim looks at revolutionary literature while Ric investigates revolution, films and butterflies.

There is also a short story by Farryl and a rousing piece on why you should protest by Martin - and last but not least, how to influence people through protest by Jacki

You can post comments after the pieces - you needn't register, but do let people know who you are. Happy reading!


On another note, a thoughtful review of Kairos is up at Liam Guilar's Lady Godiva & Me. Liam is English, of Irish descent, living in Australia. His poetry has lately appeared in The Shop & The Stinging Fly, for Irish readers who might just recognise his name.


Kay Cooke said...

I have given you a Kreativ Award - don't feel obliged to accept! :) It's true whether you accept or not anyway!

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks Kay - I will come and collect it pronto!