Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Back!

Wonderful news on WRW's blog, about her new addition to the family, Juno, and her nomination for the European Prize for Literature - talk about really good news!

I've got a whole house to overhaul, but just wanted to say that Annamakerrig was the best week of my life... so productive, so calming, so friendly and such good food!

I'll be back later in the week when I've put manners on my house, to fill in the blanks and hopefully post some pics!


Liz said...

Welcome back, Barbara : )

Liz (have just landed and with a too-full-post-irish brekkie feeling!)

maybe see you Thursday.

Clare Dudman said...

Hello again - glad to hear you've had such a good time. Looking forward to seeing pics.

Kay said...

Welcome back to your home - missed you!

Shameless Words said...

Barbara! Long time no hear from ... but I'm going to be in Dublin from Friday this week until the following Wednesday. Planning a trip to Dublin? Fancy meeting up for a coffee? Also, I've got a couple of books of yours, which I'm sure you would like to have back! Now, the hard part will be working out which ones are yours, among the oodles on the shelves!!!!! Hopefully see you in Oirreland!

Dick said...

Welcome home. Bring on the pics.

BarbaraS said...

Liz, you break a leg all over Ireland this week -best of luck at Listowel & your Introductions on Thursday.

Hi Clare, it was without doubt the best writing week of my life.

Kay, what a lovely welcome back!

Shameless, I'll see what this back of mine will do... more in next post.

Dick, oh yes, the pics!


Aw thanks B. I only saw this now. Sweet.