Thursday, January 08, 2009

Iota - New Year, New Ways

Iota magazine changed hands across the summer and is about to be relaunched with a bumper issue 83/84. Overall editor is Nigel McLoughlin, (his fourth collection is Dissonances which I mentioned here before).

Iota are also launching a major poetry competition with Tim Turnbull as judge

The details are as follows:

Closing date is 30th November 2009

1st Prize £2000
2nd Prize £1000
3rd Prize £500
+ ten supplementary prizes.

Now, doesn't that sound pretty cool? Go and visit Iota's new website, and for goodness sake take out a subscription: I reckon it'll be well worth it!


Dick said...

I believe that 'Iota' grew out of David Holliday's 'Scrip' magazine, to which I had the temerity to submit some truly frightful stuff at the age of 16. DH was very gentle in his rebuttal. So all power to the new 'Iota'!

BarbaraS said...

I think you're right there, Dick, but should you really be telling us that your early stuff was frightful... ;) No more frightful than mine was, I'll bet!

Liz said...

Hi Barbara,
Yikes! those are big money prizes -with a suitably far-away deadline too! : )

Colin Will said...

A good recommendation Barbara. I will follow it up.

BarbaraS said...

Yes, Colin & Liz, both the journal and the competition sound very exciting: definitely both for the VIP list of things I must do, which is getting longer and longer with each passing day!