Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Week 'Til Landfall, folks!

Forgive me for the hurricane/cyclone allusions, but it's a week today until the devastatingly talented Elizabeth Baines (I am allowed use 'ly' words on this occasion) glides towards land over Dundalk bay, or more precisely the land of Cuchulainn & the Tain legends (seriously, he did come from these parts). She has agreed to talk about writing and specifically one or two of her killer short stories in Balancing On The Edge Of The World.

Elizabeth and I will be having a Roman styled dinner, where we quaff words as well as wine and our apparel may well be derived from the most luxurious peplos you can imagine, although I may just go for a roomy chiton to hide all that post-Christmas gluttony. Mustn't forget my stola either!

We'll be hearing directly from a writer whose work has been described as "Almost ethereal in its strangeness [with] great energy at its heart." Brendan O'Keefe, Literary Review. Woo ha!


Women Rule Writer said...

I'm looking forward to her visit, B.

BarbaraS said...

Me too, and the virtual cooking will be such fun too...

red dirt mule said...

okay, i'll admit,

this mule has fallen down the rabbit's hole and ended up .... ??? in breathtaking ireland, with a poetic lass for a guide.

in other words, i'm completely LOST HERE !! but i do enjoy the company - even if i'm completely clueless about the who's and what's and where's.

a very interesting observation, there appears to be quite a number of publishers publishing poetry ... or is this because poetry is you and your passion ??

merkans do not read much poetry. the poetry sections at my local booskstores are pathetically small and full of ... ancient poets and maybe a few from the 20th century.

i DO love digging through charity stores in England for the rare poetic find - and I've been quite lucky and pleased with my few successes.

but gosh darn golly gee - WOW! your book list from 2008 is a poetic dream list!! then again I have always loved all things irish - and you DO have that blarney stone to kiss ... smiles.


Elizabeth Baines said...

Really looking forward to it, Barbara - there's fair wind so I'll land on time. And I hope you're stuffing those dormice ready!

BarbaraS said...

RDM, you're dead right: poetry is my passion. But at the moment, I'm getting ready to participate in a virtual tour of blogs: Elizabeth has a book of short stories, from Salt Publishing (yes, they also publish short stories) and my blog is the first leg of that virtual tour. In the meantime, I'm also busy doing a few other bits and pieces; one of which will hopefully be a post with a recording of an interview that I took part in on Weds... I hope that's all making sense, for now.

Elizabeth, my dear (can't resist that Stone Roses reference), can't wait to have you here!

sexy said...