Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back after this short break - I hope!

It's been quiet here for a good reason. Apart from three days in Donegal, during which the rain rained like a rainy thing (did-ya-know it's been the wettest July since, er, last year?), I've been trying to get over various chest-related things which have been leaving me drained and... er... well... still unwell.

Some of you might remember me moaning (Feb) about general unwellness long before the pneumonia (Apr) episode. If not, a quick recap: pain in abdomen, pain in chest, general fatigue etc. etc. hospital, home, bed, hospital, home, more bed, back to work ya-di-da-da.

I returned recently to the doctor after diagnosed pleurisy seemed to be refusing to go away. Conversation went like something this:

Me: The pain is still there.
Doc: Well, your chest is clear.
But, the pain is still there - it's tender to touch under my tight armpit; exactly where I had the pneumonia. In fact I've had this pain there since before I had the pneumonia. Me and this pain know each other so well, we could be bosom buddies.
Is that so?
Maybe it's not pleurisy.
Then what is it?
It might be costochondroitis.
Could be caused by pneumonia. Here's a prescription for some heavy-duty painkillers and some prednisone. Go home and go to bed.

Again? Sheesh...


Rachel Fenton said...

Flipping heck - right - well, get some rest then...crikey you don't get ill by halves, do you?

Took me ages to read the info on the link there - there was a moving slideshow-ma-bob with all sorts of grizzly ails!

Rachel Fox said...

You're sure having more than your share this year! Sorry to read of more illness.

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Ah now that's just no fair. Get well soon as. Maybe while you're resting (or trying to) you can scribble some poetry? Grist for the mill and all that.