Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's nice to be mollycoddled like I have been in the last four days. Breakfast in bed; lunch and dinner made for me. All I have to do is eat and not complain. He is becoming a very good cook - I trained him well ;)

I don't have to worry about shopping, laundry, what the kids are up to - nothing. It's a bit weird and takes a lot of getting used to, as I normally hold the reins of control quite tightly. Too tightly, he says. It's a bit like being a kid, not having these responsibilities. All I have to worry about is eating, sleeping and the mere body basics.

So, I'm reading: Elizabeth Baines new book, Too Many Magpies arrived yesterday. I read that to the strains of a programme on Madwomen in the Attic. How appropriate; the undercurrent of paranoia is so well maintained in EB's tightly woven book. I also have some Philip Roths coming in the post - and I'm getting a chance to look around the web and catch up on people's blogs.

Everything has slowed down to the pace of the Radio 4 programmes I listen to. There is nowhere I have to be or do. I just have to learn to be better and not push it at all - I paid for that yesterday and ended up sleeping in this morning. Softly, softly.


Dominic Rivron said...

Bloody lousy, pneumonia is. I should know, I've had it. No joke. Take life easy. Get well.

Sorry I've not dropped by before. (We've been in Wales most of April).

As for books (I read your last post too), I've been enjoying dibbing into John Hayes' delightfully maverick (if you ask me) poetry books recently. Can't remember if you've mentioned them before or not:


Oh, and I've been reading JG Ballard's short stories (blogged about them the day we whizzed off to Wales: April 1st. It got mistaken for an April Fool post - I wish it had been! If it had, it would have been a good one).

Illness or no illness, slowing down to the pace of Radio 4 is a necessary thing now and again. You know you're really taking it easy when you realise that you already heard the programme you're listing to earlier!

Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Look after yourself there in the restful shallows! Make sure you are fully recovered before you take to the fast currents again.

Rachel Fenton said...

Philip Roth - got Everyman, let me know how you find them...hope you're mending...

Dick said...

Oh sod it, Barbara, I've been wittering on about my own impending treatment so much that I've not been doing the (ward) rounds and I missed your last three posts. I hope that now you're feeling a lot more robust and that all's well in the aftermath. We must exchange bathchair notes when I'm out and recuperating after the 29th.


Take care of yourself.
I am saving TMM for my hols. Can't wait to read it - it just looks SO inviting.
I hope you get all the rest you need, me dear. Nuala x

Liam Guilar said...

You've probably read it but for serious fun reading I'd recommend Carson's translation of The Midnight Court. Two poets centuries apart strutting their respective stuff like two fine fiddlers going at it late at night.
Get well.

Peter Goulding said...

Look after yourself Barbara. I read a book once. It had a green cover.

Anonymous said...

Look after yourself and get well soon. If you're looking for a poetry anthology, Identity Parade's a good one.