Monday, June 29, 2009

Another yummy book

While waiting for my Pascale Pettit books to arrive, I've got this lovely book to read: The Wake Forest Book of Irish Women's Poety, 1967-2000. I found a copy of it in the library at DKIT, Dundalk Institute of Technology, last week, when I was up there on other business. I came home and sourced a copy of it online, because books like this you really want to own.

On the day I opened it randomly in Medbh McGuckian's section and ended up spending a good half hour lost in her work. The more I read her poetry the more I want to read it. It doesn't offer its meaning up easily but still I find that I do understand it inherently.

Her work is widely read and enjoyed by 'Merkans. I know of one young man, a student from Harvard (well now he's finished there and is going to Notre Dame to do a doctorate), who specifically made a point of going to Queen's to do an exchange semester there so that he could attend her poetry workshops. That's a small example of her weight in poetry terms.

Anyway, I will enjoy it, especially as a counter to the lovely Penguin anthology of Irish Poetry (1990) that my sister found in a second hand bookshop. In which there were very few women poets.


Liz said...

Good to know about this book, Barbara, another one to scour bookshops for.

And Medbh McGuckian - had a one day workshop with her once, she is amusing! I enjoy her work, especially her earlier stuff - great images and odd connections...and yes, she does need dwelling on a bit but it's worth it. : )

Kay Cooke said...

I know jusat what you mean about Medbh's work - I have one of her books and re-visit it every so often - I like her writing very much but i cannot say why! as like you I find the meanings hard to fathom ... Maybe it's her way with language.

Clare Dudman said...

Interesting there were not many women poets in that anthology. It can't be there weren't many, surely!