Friday, April 10, 2009

Iota Arrives!

The new issue of Iota, 83/84 arrived this morning, along with a complementary copy of Maggie O'Dwyer's pamphlet, Yes, I'd Love to Dance. Maggie's work I knew from the Thornfield's Poet anthology that I got last year from Salmon. It's a lovely pocket-sized booklet, one that is eminently portable and covetable.

Anyway, Iota itself is really very good, under the new management of Nigel McLoughlin and an editorial board from the University of Gloucester, and an interesting development is that they "will publish an Autumn Iota with fiction and non fiction from both new and established authors." That Iota looks and reads so well, is down to the production values of Templar, under whose auspices Iota is now published. It looks like they've taken the original idea behind Iota, of combining the better known with the newly emerging, and really run with it.

I was pleased to see poetry from Rob MacKenzie as well as poetry from John Dillon, with whom I worked last year on the MA at QUB. Boy, did I like those poems then and I really enjoyed seeing them as polished as they are now. John's at Harvard at present, but I hope he'll make it over to Europe as his career develops.


Kay Cooke said...

And more treats still! Love the look - and from what you write, it sounds as good as it looks. Vive poetry!

Liz said...

Love the cover...must check it out...I stocked up on quite a few poetry mags while in Dublin - was a real treat buying across the counter! ; )

Angela France said...

So glad you like Iota!
BTW, if anyone is thinking of ordering, do look at the website becauuse there is a special offer on this issue


Unknown said...

I forgot to mention that Angela: if you sign up for subscription now, you can get a free one sent to a friend.

Thanks Liz & Kay, poetry riches abound lately.

Angela France said...

BTW, just wanted to comment on this: "the original idea behind Iota, of combining the better known with the newly emerging,"

We read all submissions anonymously, so it is only about the poetry - regardless of how well known or otherwise the poet.