Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Feminism - where's it at?

Indieoma are running a week's worth of articles, essays and all sorts of commentaries on the new feminism, by female writers. Go and read, and if you enjoy it, do leave a comment!

There's some intelligent and lively writing there, from some intelligent and lively writers (and that's not just because I'm one of them ;) ) - what are you waiting for!



Hi B
I've tried to leave a comment on yours 3 times, to no avail. I've reported the glitch to Mike so I hope it gets sorted.
I really enjoyed your piece; Eavan Boland is a hero of mine too.
N x

BarbaraS said...

Thanks N, your piece makes a compelling case for Irish women's literary efforts to be 'heard' and published more widely. I hope that that proves to be the case in the future. I enjoyed the whole issue very much - shame we can't comment on the site, isn't it?

Liam Guilar said...

I use "Object Lessons" in class, or extracts from it. So it's fascinating to read your reactions to her poems. The book of hers that I read first and which hooked me was "Against Love Poetry", first the poem "Quarantine" then the book itself.

BarbaraS said...

Yes, Object Lessons, and indeed many of her other essays are good primers for the poet, female or otherwise. There's a lovely thread of humility in her prose that I always liked.