Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm not usually very good at waiting for anything. I like to have my time mapped out, so that as I head towards goal A, I'm quietly working away on goal B. Or C or all the way down to Z.

In the next few months I should be starting work on a third collection. I know that sounds like planning ahead, but I think that ignoring the present in favour of the future is a good way of tricking myself whilst I wait.

I'll be waiting for my results. While that happens I'm getting on with the CW classes, which have kicked off again in Dundalk. They're a lot more organised this time, or so I hope. I'm also hoping to get classes going in Newry as well: there's a feature in this week's Newry Reporter about the classes and a bit about me as well. I have an idea for the future involving cross-border co-operation in creative arts that just might work...

And there's a few things that I'd like to enter the current MS in - who knows?

In the meantime a few quiet weeks wouldn't go amiss. Some new writing? Oh yes. I'm brewing a lot of ideas.


Shameless Words said...

Hey, well done on finishing the course project. Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for you! Enjoy this breather now. Thanks for your visit to my site, which is no longer really a blog, I know, but at least it'll serve as a place for parking some of my creative urges. I was so thrilled to get your visit. I'll let you know when I'm in Dublin next - maybe over the next few months - and I've still got some books of yours I need to boomerang back.

Unknown said...

Lovely to 'see' you here, Se. We miss you in the blogosphere... Would love to meet up with you again in or near Dublin... take care, talk soon!

apprentice said...

Yes enjoy the break and the new writing, I hope it flows well for you.

The classes and the cross border idea sound great too I hope they are well received.

I'm enjoying the real world just now, they'll be plenty time to blog when the dark nights come in lol!

I photographed the school kids and had a great time with them, they're so imaginative and fearless at that age. I'm bursting out laughing as I edit them.
I'm offski for a bit again, so I'll catch you later in the month.

Frances said...

Ideas barbara s. What are they and where can I buy some? Only joking. Love the blog.