Saturday, September 06, 2008

Poetry for Performance

Well, there's something interesting (?!?) going on in the poetry world, when the Daily Telegraph gets together with Andrew Motion to see what sort of poems it can garner for a Poetry for Performance competition.

Enough has been said about what performance poetry is, and what it isn't, what it can be and when it succeeds, so I'm not about to weigh in with some lengthy considered response on what I think it is, or isn't. Sorry!

I will be interested to see what the competition throws up, though... entries are limited to 180 words on relationships: the loss or lack of, whichever suits your method. And the closing date is the 5th of October. Entries by snail mail or email, see link above.

Plenty of time to hone that gem.


apprentice said...

It looks interesting. I wonder wgho the famous actors are who will read the winning pieces.

BarbaraS said...

So do I, could be interesting - do enter, it's free!