Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Resounding Success

The Dundalk Summer School finished today. After two days of hectic workshops, the participants and contributors all thought that the workshops were very stimulating.

All participants filled in an anonymous questionnaire afterwards, and I was almost moved to tears by the positivity shown by them. They all loved the variety: the radio writing workshop, the drama workshop, the writing for children workshop - heck they even loved the poetry workshop!

It's agreed that it should become an annual fixture (so fingers crossed on that one), and the writers involved: Catherine Ann Cullen, Enda Coyle-Greene, Jaki McCarrick and me, all got huge pleasure out of being able to offer this variety to them - all credit to us.

One of the things that came up was that the participants would have liked longer workshops, and someone to come talk to them about prose - so that's an addition I would gladly like to make in the future!


Kay said...

It's a wonderful thing you have done... who knows what you have inspired and who you have encouraged to achieve stunning things with wordage. Bravo Barbara! :)

BarbaraS said...

Thanks very much Kay. Some of the words used on the feedback sheets were 'confidence building' and 'encouragement.'

Women Rule Writer said...

Congrats on the success. I read with Enda in Dublin this year - she's lovely.
If your looking for prosey types for next time, count me in!

BarbaraS said...

Fantastic stuff, WRW. Will be rounding up more writers for visits during the year as well as next summer! Cheers :)