Sunday, July 06, 2008


Behind my great big head you can see two pictures on the wall. These were Paul Maddern's responses to the Queen's Special Collections, specifically the sound archive that Paul is creating for QUB, of poets reading their own work.

The piece is titled 'Squaring the Octet,' and brings together rhyme schemes and oscillograms into one space. Paul used software to record the sound of letters, created an oscillogram, or picture of that sound, and then digitally manipulated the images into one composite image: versions rendered in primary colours, on the right, as well as pastels, on the left. Who says you can't make art from sound?


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Barbara, I have never heard or imagined anything like this and I find it very surprising and engaging.
Best wishes,Davide

BarbaraS said...

Thanks Davide - and everyone else who's been commenting. It is a very exciting project to be involved in.

Kay said...

Must be exciting to be part of it all.

BarbaraS said...

It is Kay - wait til you see mine ;)