Sunday, April 22, 2007

I got my dates wrong...!

And drove to Galway yesterday, arriving in good time to have lunch at the venue where the Slam was to be held. Next week. Yep, that's right, on the 28th of April, not the 21st!!!

I had to drive home again. Not much point in being there a week early, was there?

I enjoyed the spin though. (!) 7 hours of Irish eejits on the roads. Nice.

I'm only blogging this, so that people can see that there is an Irish female version of Trig. Now I'm off to buy a diary that screams my appointments at me...!


Cathy said...

I did the same last week. OK not exactly the same, but I was a week early for a dentist appointment, just 10 minutes walk up the road. Still, better a week early than a week late!

Oh and hello, by the way. I have visited before...found you via Debi's blog but I think this is the first time i have lesft a comment.

john.g. said...

Trigger will be most honoured when i tell him there's another nutter out there!

Cailleach said...

Not just me then Cathy - thanks for making me feel a little better about it though. I still feel like a eejit, though!

John.G. isn't it nice for Trig - he won't feel quite so lonely now ;)

Jan said...

Hope you a)had nice lunch b) got nice diary.
Although as you have 5/6/7 (?) kids, I think a few mixups over dates can be forgiven..

Debi said...


john.g. said...

Barbara, he'll be honoured.

Liz said...

Hi Barbara,

Just discovered you - even though I think your name rings a bell from the OU Writing site - I studied there a few years ago : )

Am from Donegal but live abroad - it's nice to keep up with what's happening at home on the poetry front through your blog - I'm starved of all that sort of thing where I live!

Do you know of anything interesting happening poetry-wise in Ireland in Aug./Sept?

Meeting up with your publisher sounds interesting - well done and enjoy Cúirt next week! : )


apprentice said...

Oh boy - I'm like that, dates seem move around without consulting me.

A 7 hour round trip!Poor you.