Monday, April 30, 2007

Cuirt - Finally

I didn't get to much of the festival, bar the Grand Slam in the Kings Head, Galway on Saturday. was glad that I got to go, because hearing the many different competitors made for interesting entertainment. There were serious slams, humourous slams, thought provoking slams, ranting slams - all of them delivered with great gusto. My heart did go out to the odd one or two, who were a little overcome by nerves and fluffed lines. In the main, the standards were high enough and two pieces I loved didn't even feature in the running, but then I do have different tastes!

There were 20 entrants, 10 selected through heats and 10 selected from open submissions this year. Judges included Brendan Clancy, and two others from Galway itself. The winners were Gary whose surname I can't recollect just now, placed joint second with Katie Lawless. The overall winner was Miceál Kearney. Miceál's reaction was one of shock and complete incredulity: indeed I think he was having a smoke out the front when the announcement was made! He was thunderstruck! But his prize includes a trip to the US to Chicago, the birthplace of Slam, and also a trip to Eastern Europe to take part in their Slam finals too!

His original piece was Day tripping in Amsterdam, and his encore was the one about poetry and publishing in the style of a prayer... guess that could well be entitled A Poet's Prayer ;)

Well done to Miceál - I've seen him perform in Limerick and Galway - and I think he'll be one to watch!


Liz said...

An interesting rundown, Barbara, since I've never been to a slam show it helped me imagine what it must be like! : ) It sounds like good craic, I know I'd never have the gumption to partake in one but would be a supportive onlooker : )


Cailleach said...

A bit like myself, Liz... takes a hard neck to do something like that. :/
I'd much rather watch too!

apprentice said...

Sounds a good night. I'd love to hear some slam, need to get off my butt and into the city.
Although I did buy Enimen 8 Mile from the bargain bin in Tescos, and was amazed at his word power.

Cailleach said...

Eminem has a lot to recommend him. Although having said that, slam in Ireland is not as 'edge' as that, but it can be quite 'cutting' ;)