Thursday, December 14, 2006

Results are OUT!

Finally the day arrives - we students log on to the message board in dribs and drabs, all nervous. And then the cry comes! "The results are out - go check the OU website!"

So we all do - and can't get in! And spend ages logging in and out... the tension builds, tears are shed, and the-e-n - there's a wee back door that I push gently on the website - I'm in!


I passed both courses, doing better on the 20thc Lit course than on the 19thc novel course. Well blow me down!

I am now the proud owner of a basic Literature degree, to be upgraded to an honours when I complete the last calming year in - wait for it- Creative Writing! Imagine - a whole year writing, and earning points towards my degree!


Now, I'm off to...
clean me house,
wait for the plumber to come and fix the upstairs sink that the kids have broke,
wipe off the wet stains on the dining table where the leak fell,
wash a few hundred items of clothes,
supervise homework,
cook dinner,
go to work,
empathise with 40 moaning mobile phone customers,
...and get pissed later on!


Debi said...

Huge congratulationary hugs!

apprentice said...

Fabulous, well done! and you'll pass the honours bit with flying colours I'm sure.

I wish you'd bottle your energy girl, i could do with it.

skint writer said...

congratulations Cailleach - next year should be fun

Minx said...

YOu should be awarded a 'double degree' for doing the whole lot, and juggling six feckers and a job!

So delighted for you - hope the 'word' on gmail is better than Aghhhh!

Cailleach said...

have a very sore head today - I think I celebrated a bit too hard last night...

thanks everyone for your kind words!

chiefbiscuit said...

Congrats indeed!!!! It sounds like you will have a wonderful year of writing ahead - as you say - bliss!
(And nice too to see a photo of you on Minx blog!)

Kult said...

Well done Barbara, let us know how the course goes.