Sunday, December 10, 2006

Over the River and Back again

Well - that was an interesting, if action packed weekend! I only wish I had more time to spend over there. Minx' second launch went very well for her first novel, The Coven of One, and there was great support from other authors and bloggers. The best bit, was the blogger, enthusiam, who had just read about it that evening and hopped on a bus and arrived!

It was great to put faces to some the blogs I have been inhabiting this last while. Hi skint! And Debi, and the Minx herself! And of course I bought lots of lovely books, to support the authors who guested at the evening.

The venue itself, The Crow on the Hill, is a wonderful example of a really interesting independent bookshop, run by people who know their books and know people. It's always a good sign when you keep on seeing books that you know you'd like to read... The only teeny tiny complaint I'd have was about the Fantasy section, which didn't include any Guy Gavriel Kay

The other really good thing about Saturday, was meeting up with a fellow OU colleague and talking nothing but literary/study/books/film/art stuff non-stop for about 4/5 (possibly longer) hours, whilst driving, shopping and eating (lovely, lovely Italian restaurant) in South London and then dragging said colleague off to the Coven launch that evening, when I realised I was running late! THANKS!

A really big thank you to Debi Alper and her family for the bed for the night - my only regret is not having longer to spend over there. What lovely people!

Oh, and I seem to have beta now...! *scratches head*


skint writer said...

Amazing - great to see you Cailleach, :)

Minx said...

You is one cool cookie - so great to meet!
Now, about Dublin.....

Debi said...

Not enough time!!! Can't stop saying it ...

Brill to meet you though.

Hope the beta change has been smooth.

apprentice said...

Sounds a great weekend, I'd love to see the book shop as the site is fab, great music links and Raymond Carver reading etc.

I'm sure it does the soul good to get a wee break like that.

Cailleach said...

apprentice - although it was a bit rushed, it was very enjoyable, and a bit of well-earned time off from being the-woman-with-six-kids!

minx - now that you mention Dublin... keep all your fingers crossed for the New Year :)

Debbie- I just love beta! many changes due to come, I think!

chiefbiscuit said...

That must've been a blast! I'm so happy for you that you got a break and had fun.