Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Short Story Competition

A short story competition for intelligent short stories for the 12 year old and up

Closing date is a good bit away: 30 January 2007, so that gives plenty of time to write it up and test it out on some of your feckers!

I'm going to give it a go in November/December :¬)


shug said...

Why have the stories got to be intelligent and not the kids?

Can't imagine how busy you must be with six weans, by the way. Two are bad enough. Who said "a baby carriage in the hall is the end for a writer"?

skint writer said...

why is there an entry fee? I don't like competitions with an entry fee? It's a good wheeze, maybe I'll do it meself - let's see - say 500 entries at a fiver that's 2,500 quid - then of course all the authors and relatives of the successful stories will buy ten copies each

and you only need to read through the pile until you've found enough decent stories and bin the rest

Cailleach said...

Good question shug! And I think the best thing about writing and children is, apart from all the material they might supply, that you feel quite determined to succeed despite them :¬)

skint, I guess the fee is so that they can have a nice big pot of money to give the winners - sort of like a pyramid system for writers. You sound like a seasoned short story judge now ;¬)

skint writer said...

it's gonna be hard to finish the judging off - got to announce the winners on Monday, still I've had some good feedback in the comments so far

got your chapbook just now - and very nice it is too - thanks - beautiful little book and beautiful words :)