Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A -Z meme

as per: BB

accent: Generic Irish, allegedly with a slight American twang (mother's influence). Although when up north of Ireland, everythings 'wee this and wee that' and when in the UK, I came back "wiv a lahvly Lahndin" accent.

booze: Yes. Beer and wine - not at the same time though. Not mad about spirits. Although I do like to polish off a bottle of Baileys over the festive season.

chore I hate: All of them - delegate, delegate, delegate! And then do them again yourself.

dogs/cats: Neither. I think six children create enough mess. Have two goldfish called Bob and 2Bob. Mother's day present, which I get to clean out as no-one else will *sigh*

essential electronics: PC. MP3 player. Cattle Prod (kidding!).

favourite perfume/cologne: Used to be Rive Gauche/YSL. Love Chanel 19. Sometimes plain old 'fresh out of the shower' is good though.

: White gold. Not mad about 9ct gold, prefer deeper shades, but it's too expensive. I like silver but rings always bend out of true on me

hometown: Dundalk, Ireland

insomnia: Seasonal/hormonal/stress... whatever!

job title: Female Humanoid

kids: 6. 3 girls, 3 boys aged 13 to 5

living arrangements: Semi-attached to the street - threatens to take off every time someone slams the front door.

most admired trait: Either my big nose or my big bum - depends on what mood he's in.

number of sexual partners: I stopped counting after 3...

overnight hospital stays: Does having babies count?

phobia: Used to be squeamish about the sight of my own blood. Got over it after first baby exploded over hospital wall - only kidding!

quote: "Oh, you're right there Ted," Father Dougal Maguire, Channel 4, Father Ted

religion: Lapsed RC

siblings: Younger sister of 31

time I usually wake up
: When the screaming gets too loud for my sleeping comfort.

unusual talent: Bending people to my will (according to eldest child peering over my shoulder at present).

vegetable I refuse to eat: None... although I do go easy on the oul Brussel Sprouts at Christmas - for obvious reasons ;¬)

worst habit: Picking my nose. Well...

: Lots of dental ones :¬(

yummy foods I make: All of them! Kids favourite is homemade steak and kidney pie - but that's reserved as a winter warmer. It is more expensive to buy 'convenience foods' for our lot, so cooking is one way of saving money.

zodiac sign: Sagittarius - as Billy Connolly says: "licensed to shit in the street."
Not that I ever did...


chiefbiscuit said...

Very entertaining. Very informative too! :) I like what I read ... What big families - I am the oldest of seven - and I'm a lapsed RC. Go well!

Cailleach said...

Thanks CB!
The great thing about big families is that although they do fight like cats and dogs, they play well together too.

They're learning all the social skills they'll ever need to get on in the world right here at home.

Mind you, I never set out to have loads of kids - they just arrived!

bb said...

enjoyed reading your responses - and a great quote :-) they help focus the mind these memes, don't they?

apprentice said...

I'm with you on the delegation, trouble is my crew mutiny.

Enjoy the blog.

Cailleach said...

Cheers everyone!
BB - the meme is interesting - everyone's elses too!
Apprentice - delegation is great in theory, rarely wokr sout right though!