Thursday, June 15, 2006

From Laredo to the Green Fields of France

A comment posted by Dan (you know who you are!) further back about The Life of David Gale, prompted a little research on the quote that Dan left from another movie Bang the Drum Slowly.

I love finding out about something that I know nothing at all about – but I was intrigued to find the lyrics to As I was a-walking the streets of Laredo bearing a strong ressemblance to another song I do know from my childhood, The Green Fields of France. I know this reasonably well (due to being force fed by my Grandmother) from the Irish folk band the Fureys and Davy Arthur.

When I hummed along to Laredo, using the air from Green Fields, I knew there was a strong chance I was right…

Who cares anyway…?

"It's a long, long way, from there to here..."


Dan said...

It seems even the cheeriest of Irish (I'm Chicago-born, the son, grandson, and greatgrandson of Kerry immigrants)is drawn to the 'terrible beauty' of a melodic dirge. It's not surprising that the tune of 'Laredo' comes from an Irish tune, 'Ballad of Armagh.' Discussion at
Funny that however we may indulge in melancholy and fatalism privately, when in public ... well, everyone knows our reputation for celebratory funerals.

Cailleach said...

Speaking of celebratory funerals, C.J. Haughey, ex-Taoiseach of Ireland, and crook/wonderful guy (which ever way you see him) is being buried today.

His life is being celebrated as we speak!

Dan said...

I hadn't heard about Charlie. Didn't make the U.S. news. My late dad's baby sister, my auntie Mona, 67+ years in the Presentation Order, is very much of the school that he was a wonderful guy. But I've been personally exposed to the vitriol of one of his non-fans. Having been raised in the politically colorful town of Chicago, I find the accusations of gun-running interesting, while I sympathize with his critics. But I'd never try to persuade auntie Mona that he wasn't a paragon of something or other. The woman sees no blemish in Bill Clinton, I wouldn't talk to her about Charlie.
Photos from our celebration of auntie Mona's 50th anniversary in the Presentation Order here:
(Cousin Delia phoned to ask if I would contribute toward a gift. Without hesitation I replied, You're having a party, I'm coming.)

Cailleach said...

That's the thing about any political figure, I guess. I don't see it as being black and white, rather shades of grey - but then life is a little like that too, isn't it?