Friday, May 19, 2006

Still Raining. Still.

Well, guess what? It's still raining here. Yes, I know what you're thinking: Ireland - home of the 'soft day, thank God'. Rain is as it should be, in the Emerald Isle. Well, that would be fine if it was the occasional shower followed by some nice warm sunshine, but not this daily deluge that we've been having since Sunday! There is now a trail of mud all over what used to be the grass in the back yard extending up the steps and to the doorwipe that is there for the odd moment when my tresors remember to wipe their bloomin feet... I hope we're going to have a reasonable summer this year. Or that ten-man tent we bought at Easter will never get an outing - more on that another time. I can't help thinking sometimes that Ireland was just put here as a buffer for England, somewhere for all the rain to fall before making it as far as there... funny how they're having nice weather over there.

I am now officially fed up to the back and front teeth with this essay writing business. I've been at it since last Saturday, writing plans, drafts, analyses, more plans, more drafts, more analyses... yadda-da-yadda-da... it's all begining to seem like an awful amount of torture. But then there are moments when I go away from it all and realise what I'm after learning... and realise that the points I've been trying to make are crap! Oh well, maybe some night down the pub (when the kids have grown up and buggered off and I have a life again) I'll meet a few people that have read Mr Eliot and Mrs Woolf and trade the finer points of modernisms with 'em.

I think I need to stop writing!

In the meantime, I've been having fun finding some more interesting blogs to browse in (when I'm trying to study!) and have come across Geoffrey Chaucer's blog. I never knew old English could be so much fun ;¬)


Messalina said...

Hope you've made some progress with the essay by now.

I've almost been missing studying this weekend (almost) - just think, one day, that'll be you! ;o)

Cailleach said...

It's a bit like giving birth - pain you really don't want to have to go through, but rewarding once having gone through it and the pain has diminished!

I have a draft for the 4000'er now, coming in at around 5000 words. Now I need to cut, cut, cut!

Strangely, now I've broken the 4000 word barrier, I'm hoping that 2000 words is not going to give me as many problems - or that the longies expected at both course ends, are going to cost half as much in angst and tribulation.

Famous last words, probably...

Reading Flaubert in the CM now - very funny novel, in some respects and I can see now just how influenced Mr. Eliot was by the French writers ;¬)

Connections, connections!