Monday, May 29, 2006

Lil Fluffy Clouds

O praise be to the met office - the rain clouds have passed, literally and metaphorically speaking! Sunny days have arrived, even if the north wind doth blow - they say it will veer to the west in a day or two, so I am waiting for the return of salad days once more.

I took a few days off last week and to ensure that I didn't do anything study-related, I bought Tomb Raider: Legend, the latest installment of Lara's engaging lifetstyle instead! What a pleasure it was to jet all over the world, swinging off iron bars, riding motorbikes, crashing fork lift trucks (loved that one!), and generally enjoying oneself in the ironic manner that only one who has six children can: on a playstation, even though it didn't seem to last quite as long as Angel of Darkness did. I did enjoy all the nods to previous Lara incarnations, but I still felt cheated when I started it on Wedneday and finished it by Friday. Pffft, what can I say, either they are milking the other adventures into (yet another) sequel, or they ran out of time/ideas/disc space.

I had been waiting for this one since before Christmas when it had been allegedly due out, but it was held over until Spring. Anyway, Lara is just as improbably buxom as before, (how does she put up with the gravitational pull?) with improbably skinny arms, given all the swinging off them she has to do...

Anyway, the break did me a whole power of good, and I came back to study with renewed impetus this morning. I now have a good hook for the 19thc essay on Germinal and Far From the Madding Crowd, which involves gourmandising, ha, ha! But I'm still having doubts about whether my method of tackling the Eliot/Woolf essay is the right one. I'm torn between a complete rewrite and just leaving it alone - only so many times you can pick a scab, I guess. Nagging doubts are all part of the study thing and don't seem to diminish the further on you go either - you just doubt more of yourself! Aie, yie, yie.


Poet Bloggs said...

Sorry for the unrelated comment;

I am looking for writers' opinions about blogging and the growing social input and collaboration that the web allows. There are a few initial questions in the blog post but any input would be great.

Please pass this on to anyone that you think might be interested.

- thanks for your time.

Cailleach said...

Starting a discussion:

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