Monday, May 28, 2012

The Angel's Share Launch

The day dawned bright and sunny, the invites were sent, the speakers booked, the wine bought... in short, it all had the makings of  a great launch.

Enda Coyle-Greene spoke at length about the book and even made me blush a few times. Noel King said a few words to send it on its way as did Denis Darcy, representing the Arts Office.

And then I read some of the poems: Shackleton's Portable Homeland, a few of the Mallory sonnets, two about the kids, one about the eldest teenager - which of course he hated - and the (by-now-infamous) 'boob' poem, Pair Bond. Actually, Pair Bond has a life of its own at festivals around Ireland, thanks to the Poetry Divas - hey girls! - and a very swish set of accompanying visuals

It all went very well indeed, with many thanks to those who came along - cheers to you all for coming to send it off. And a lovely few relaxing pints afterwards in the lovely venue of the Spirit Store.

Barbara reading: although it looks like she's swallowing ice!

Enda Coyle-Greene who launched Barbara's collection.

Matt, left telling Mary, Emer and Tracy a really funny one!

Poet Michael Farry and Barbara.

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