Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New year, new...

Here we are on St. Brigid's day already, and not a peep on the blog in an age. Things are moving again on the poetry front. All being well, I hope to back with my fellow peers in Ballinasloe, this weekend, and there's talk of a new collection coming out this year, with Doghouse.

That said, I need to see if I've actually got the good makings of a book: the real test is the editing day, or days, I'll be spending down in Tralee. Not too long to go now: I'm hoping to get down over the half-term coming up shortly.

The title seems to have settled on the one thing. I won't say just yet, but I'm quietly pleased with it and hope it reflects the collection as a whole.

In the meantime, I've been getting used to me new iPad. I think I can safely say it's one of the most useful presents I've ever had. The kids have been teasing me about how I never put the damn thing down.

I've all sorts of wee games and functions on it now, and a whole lifetime's worth of music is now on tap whenever I'm up for it. I can even listen to the radio, read and sometimes type at the same time. I even read poems from it at a reading the other night!

If you've got one, do look out for a wee game app, Machinarium: it has great appeal if you're into solving puzzles and lateral thinking at the same time. Reminds me of all the Discworld games I used to play - not that long ago!

Better start thinking about doing some readings and promotion then, hadn't I?


Michael Farry said...

Yes Barbara, meant to say that I was impressed with your use of the iPad for the reading in Dundalk.

Rachel Fenton said...

i-poet - brill. Intrigued to know title and excited for forthcoming book.