Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Poetry Abounding

Apologies for disappearing again - holidays came and went, back to school came and went and so did back to work - yes the hamster mill keeps on spinning round!

Just back from Dromineer Literary Festival this weekend, where I was lucky to be part of the Poetry Divas big gig in the Whiskey Still. We were treated like the Divas we are, and the feedback afterwards was tremendous. Fair play to those who came along to support us, in spite of the awful weather and after the readings/Q&A sessions with writers Jennifer Johnstone and John McKenna.

Our set worked out at around the hour mark and included the by-now-infamous 'boobs' poem, complete with accompanying visuals (think Bob Dylan's song). We were well-received and mightuly looked after by Declan & Fiona in Lough Derg House as well as Rita in the Whiskey Still. The weather wasn't good enough to allow anyone a decent view about the lake, but it looked as though it would be really beautiful on a sunny day.

Tomorrow is All Ireland Poetry Day, as well as being National Poetry Day across the water in the UK. There's plenty happening up and down the country for those who want to join in.

Here in sunny Dundalk, there's a lunch time broadcast on Dundalk FM at 1pm featuring people from public life (including me!) discussing favourite and non-favourite poems from Soundings. You can listen online by clicking here but be aware that you may need to download a plugin in order to stream it.

There's also a lunchtime reading taking place in DkIT Library featuring John O'Rourke in the Slieve Foye Room.


Rachel Fenton said...

Much happening there for you, Barbara - all the best for Dundalk FM.

Emerging Writer said...

Yay! You're back on the blogging wagon!
Have fun on Poetry day

BarbaraS said...

Hi guys, yes I thought I'd better come back to the blog - it was feeling a little neglected lately.

Rachel, it went very well although the broadcast was today, Saturday at 12 midday!

EW, how lovely to see you here :)

Tommaso Gervasutti said...
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Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Barbara, Lough Derg! it reminds me of 1992. A glorious time...we crossed a wood on horseback, part of the Donegal trail, a fifteen day horse riding through Donegal from Horse Holiday Farm in Grange.
Lough Derg appeared when we were trotting on a path along the lake out of this wood. Unforgettable memory. Nice weather, and long, long days, it was July. About that time I wrote later a couple of poems, I will put one in my blog next week.
All my best,

(Tommaso Gervasutti)

BarbaraS said...

I'll look in and see what you've dug out, Davide - nice to see you here and jog your memories as well!

Minx said...

Babs, tap, tap, tap, are you there? Well, come back cos I'm back too!

BarbaraS said...

Fantastic! Great to see you back Minxie too!