Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Prufrocks in Dublin

The Prufrocks read again, this time in Dublin on Saturday 5th at 8pm in La Catedral Studios. The last time some of us read together, was at Flatlake, back in August 2009. We had a bigger reading crew that time, and a very full tent (Cillian Murphy was there - swoon). This time we are three: Nuala Ni Chonchuir, Mary Mullen and my good self.

Mary is from Alaska, originally and her poems are often set there, which makes them interesting and haunting in their own right. Mary has a book out from Salmon, Zephyr, which I can't wait to hear poems from. Mary is also a successful memoirist, and takes classes teaching people how to write memoir.

Nuala, from Dublin originally, now living in Galway county, is an award-winning writer of many years standing. A fiction writer, as well as poet, her debut novel You, launched last year and is still getting good notices. She has a collection, The Juno Charm, forthcoming from Salmon Poetry later this year.

So, if you're round and about in Dublin at the Book Festival, do drop over to La Catedral Studios 7/11 Saint Augustine Street Dublin 8 on Saturday at 8pm. We promise not to disappoint!



Good luck Prufrocks from London. Hope to be able to join you next time. Have enquired about our participation in a certain boutique festival this year and will get back to you on that one. Is Liz getting over for this one Barbara? If so, say hi.

Are you on Facebook?

Speak soon & hopefully meet soon, too.
Jaki x

Unknown said...

Many thanks Jaki, hope London goes well for you too!

Alas, no Liz - the flights didn't quite coincide right for her - but hopefully we'll all see her soon!

I'm on FB, will look you up!

Take care :) B

Titus said...

Love to come, but diesel price prohibitive and Fiat not yet amphibious. Best of luck, and which one of you talks of Michelangelo?

Rachel Fenton said...

Awe, all the best stuff is thousands of miles away!

Hope it all goes gorgeously.

Liz said...

Have a ball tomorrow night, Prufrocks...will be thinking of ye.

Unknown said...

Michelangelo? That would be me, Titus, even got a poem wiv 'is name in it! Like the thought of an amphibious Fiat, has a certain ring to it :)

Cheers Rachel and Liz, we'll think of ye as we're there!

andres de la esgueva said...

Hello world! This is an english translation of my spanish poetry book. A poem everyday.