Friday, February 04, 2011

Nothing to Say - So Don't Say Nothing

Sorry, I've been absent for a while, whilst life got on with itself. January was a tough month for many, not just getting over the expenses of Christmas, but the cold weather we experienced really seems to have impacted on people very hard, between burst pipes and trying to stay warm.

Now, it's February, spring feels like it's coming, the days are just starting to push out a little, and I hear myself going around saying, 'It's like November, only backwards.' If it were only that simple.

Still, some things to look forward to: a trip to visit Prague; a reading in London at the close of March - to make up for the one I didn't get to read at ... and Easter is later this year - maybe the weather will be kinder?

So, it's all to look forward to. Wonder what great poetry this year has in store for us then...?

What are you looking forward to? - go on, tell us!


Rachel Fenton said...

Hey Barbara - I noticed Dick tapping on your window! Good to see you're not stuck looking for a creamcracker under the settee. Fingers crossed for kind weather and a fab trip and reading. Prague - very envious. Takapuna library doesn't have quite the same ring to it but hey ho...

Rachel Fox said...

I'm away with man and child for a while but checking in on folks now and again (and sleepless wit jetlag just now...). Good to read you again.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rachel & Rachel! Nothing like a wee trip away - and I love that idea of looking for a creamcracker under the settee.

And yes, if Dick hadn't tapped, well, I just don't know :)

Group 8 said...

Lovely trips - have fun!
I'm looking forward to maybe having a clearer head this year and a better writing schedule. Fingers x'd.
N x