Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Chimaera

The new issue of The Chimaera is online, and there's a review of Nigel McLoughlin's Chora, a new and selected from Templar Poetry.

There are also other reviews from Angela France on Alison Brackenbury & Paul Stevens on Jee Leong Koh's book, Equal to the Earth (lovely title, don't you think?), and poems galore, themed and unthemed, from all sorts of poets (Alison Brackenbury & Anna Evans to name but a few).

Check out this lovely online poetry ezine, it's presented well and easy to navigate and some of the poems can also be heard as well as read.

Oh yeah, I wrote the NMcL review... nearly forgot!


Rachel Fenton said...

That was a really great review, B, am going to search out his poetry now, and thanks for the link.

BarbaraS said...

Hey, you're welcome Rachel. It's a good look back over his poetry career so far, so well worth checking out!

Bill said...

Their "disreputable parent", the Sh*t creek Review looked really interesting, I thought, from a casual glance. I didn't know it. I'll be back.

BarbaraS said...

Bill, there's also another related journal, The Flea, which is online - worth checking out too!