Friday, September 04, 2009

Electric Picnic - here I come!

I confess: I am an EP virgin, as in, I've never been. This weekend, I not only get to go there, I get to perform there too, as part of the Poetry Divas collective.

Things to expect: me airing my boobs again..! Great poetry, and from the website: 'sequins, sparkles, tiaras and willies plentifully mixed among metaphors, similes and sonnets." I kid you not about the 'willies'!

When: Sunday September 6th at 12 midday.

Where: Art Council Literary Stage, Electric Picnic, Stradbally Co. Laois.

So nice to be sharing the bill with wondrous writers as well as ... ooh, Billy Bragg, Brian Wilson, Bat for Lashes, Lamb... oh my - who let me out for the weekend...

See ye on the far side! Pictures to follow :)


Dominic Rivron said...

Looks great! Wish it were closer.

Angela France said...

Looks like a great event - I wish I could go. Have fun!

Liz said...

You'll have a brillaint time, no doubt, Barbara...would love to hear the boobs one again...have a ball!

Dick said...

There are so many things that Ireland manages so much better than we do across the water. More wistful envy!

Emerging Writer said...

Glad you got your boobs out again. Thanks again for coming. Epic weekend.

And Dick, I hear very good things about Latitude. We'd love to come if someone could arrange.