Thursday, February 05, 2009

Project Verse

Are you a fan of Project Runway? Are you a poet without a first collection to your credit yet? Are you not freaked out by seeing these two things in one paragraph?

Then Project Verse could be just the challenge for you!

Hurry along and read up the rules and see whether you could be in with a chance of winning a contract for a published chapbook, a weeklong residency at Soul Mountain Retreat in Connecticut, an interview with Joe Milford of 'The Joe Milford Poetry Show', and a review of your chapbook in ouroboros review and Limp Wrist. It doesn't say where you have to be from... so, who knows? :)


Totalfeckineejit said...

I think I'd have more chance of winning Project Runway! Great idea though, a lot to do but interesting tanx fer sharing. Ps.If anybody starts up a Project Total Twat, let me know ;)

Dustin Brookshire said...

Thank you for posting about Project Verse in your blog. I am counting on the blogosphere for 70% of Prject Verse advertising.

Poets can be from anywhere! I guess the small downside is that transportation to and from Soul Mountain Retreat is the winner's responsibility; however, it is mentioned in all the details.

Liz said...

This has loads going for it - especially the retreat and the getawayness of it all... : )

BarbaraS said...

TFE - if you're not in... I think it could be right up your street ;)

Dustin, thanks for dropping by: it's a fantastic idea with great potential - and now that I know there are no restrictions, that's great! I'll be following closely!

Liz, you're dead right - if all you have to do is pay your way there, the week would be so stimulating!

Susangalique said...

What a nice suprise to meet someone new. I love Flambards and am thinking on making it my summer reading this year.

I see that you read Keeper of the Snails. Her silk worms have been very interesting.

thanks for stopping by! I will have to visit here more often.

BarbaraS said...

SusanG, I may well join you on that summer read, it is so long since I read it, that I've forgotten the gist of it - I just remember that I loved it at the time. But, will it still hold up for me now..?