Friday, November 14, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Town

It's been a hectic few weeks. We've got Nuala Ni Chonchuir coming to Dundalk tomorrow to work with the two writing groups that I teach CW to.

We're very much looking forward to her visit and words of encouragement and advice. It's going to be a full on day, with lots to mull over afterwards.

On other fronts, I'm knee deep in a project at QUB, an artist's book that each of us has to make, incorporating text and image. I've spent the last three Thursdays in the dark room at Belfast Exposed, making photograms, and developing B&W pictures from negatives. I'm using a poem about taking photographs with an old fold-out camera.

Our tutor managed to source a camera shop in Scotland which was selling off old camera stock. She brought me home a rather marvelous 'Soho Cadet,' made from bakelite, about mid 1930s or so. I've taken pictures with it, developed the film and am dying to see the photographs - alas no time yesterday.

Still waiting for the result from the MA... at this stage I'm pretty nervous. They should be out soon...


apprentice said...

What a creative time your having. I hope the vist is success for all concerned. Your course at Queens sounds fantastic -I'm really jealous about getting to make real negs etc.

I remember your camera poem, it will be a great match with the shots I'm sure.

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi B, I'm looking forward to it! To meeting you, especially, and all the members of your groups.
Wow, awaiting results. That's nervewracking. Best of best of luck.
N x

BarbaraS said...

Really looking forward to it too, N, cheers :)))

Envious of us, A... 'tis hard work, but worth the magic when you place a sheet in the developer and realise you've got the whole mix right!