Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hectic Happenings

Right. All Ireland Poetry Day went very well. I have a recording of the radio interview/reading, but just need to sort out hosting issues so I can post it here. The Lunchtime Recital went very well: we had a good crowd turn up and they seemed to enjoy the variety and the poems themselves. I read from 'Kairos' and also from the new manuscript.

Patrick Chapman's work was really interesting and also went down very well with the audience. Myself and himself did a swap and I've been reading from his collection, 'Breaking Hearts and Traffic Lights,' all weekend.

Paddy Dillon also read very well. I hope it's not too long before he gets a collection published; he has so many fine poems to choose from, and his poems are never conventional in expectation or outcome. There's always a surprise.

Today, I'm off to Cork for O Bheal on Monday evening. I've got to travel back Monday evening, as I've a class to teach the next morning in Newry. I'll be meeting up with the organiser Paul Casey for a Palestinian poet's reading this evening in Cork - really looking forward to that!


David said...

Hi Barbara - if you email the mp3 file I'll host it on the PI site and you can link to it.

Should make things a bit easier :)

Debi said...

Busy are we then???

BTW - I've started a lit bits section on Bookarazzi to publicise events like this. Pop along to the forum and add anything coming up. xxx

Jon M said...

Sounds great, busying all over the island doing literary stuff! envy, envy!

BarbaraS said...

Thanks David - I might just have it sorted today though... if not, I'll be sure to ask; thanks a million!

Cheers Debi - my head is still spinning!

Jon- this is just a brief interlude; I go back to being 'mum' soon enough ;)