Sunday, August 10, 2008

An Impression of Our Family on Holidays...

Mam, I’ve got a sore toe.
Mam, I’ve got sunburn.
Mam, there's no milk.
Mam, I can’t find my swimsuit.
Mam, there’s jellyfish in the sea.
Mam, where’s Dad?
Mam, there's no bread.
Mam, what’s for dinner?
Mam, why is it still raining?
Mam, I’m hungry.
Mam, can we have ice-cream?
Mam, can I have a biscuit.
Mam, he broke the 'nocliers.
Mam, she broke my DS.
Mam, he won’t leave me alone.
Mam, she won’t leave me alone.
Mam, they won’t leave me alone and my foot is sore again.



Rob said...

That'll teach you for having 546 children!

(well, it must seem like 546 sometimes...)

Minx said...

Did you know that you can change you name quite cheaply these days?

BarbaraS said...

:) Rob!

Yes Minx, but it would be very hard to get the new one used...

HarryPigg said...

Thre in one blog is the perfect depiction of an Irish family holiday. Oh the memories it brought back - and promptly put me back in therapy!
Hope the reading went ok.

BarbaraS said...

Glad you got it Harry :0

Therapy, now don't tell me that there's something else that us parents will have to pay for... the reading went very well indeed, thanks for asking.

Kay said...

Ha! At least you got a funny poem out of all the shenannigans!

BarbaraS said...

This is very true, Kay :)