Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A tale of Two Reviews

I forgot to post the link last week to a review I wrote for Eyewear about Meryl Pugh's pamphlet Relinquish and Patrick Williamson's Prussia Cove.

This week I find the poetry pundits have got their own back on me - only joking! There's a very considered review of Kairos as well as Fred Johnstone's latest poetry collection, The Oracle Room.

Did you know that Doghouse have very little stock left of Kairos... ?


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Barbara, congratulations for Kairos.

Cailleach said...

Thanks Davide!

Emerging Writer said...

How do you cope with reviews? Do you read them all? Have someone else read them before you do?

Minx said...

Very few left? Whoo hoo. When's the next collection out?

Cailleach said...

Hi EW. I do read them, although I will admit with this one I got my husband to read it first. He did laugh at me... and said something like 'Chicken...' :) I've not had many reviews so I'm delighted with this one, which I think is very fair.

Minx - be waiting a while for the next one to come - good things are worth waiting for..? Mind you, with the amount of work I've done in the last nine months I'd hope that I'm well on the way there.

Shameless said...

Sold out! What all writers love to hear! Well done. :-)