Monday, December 03, 2007

Alive! Just about...

Well, as I expected I had a really, really good time over in south London, with my blogmates, Debi and Minx, and Riverwillow too (a thanks here to Belle for the card with the really BIG pants on them - I think she's trying to tell me something).

Friday saw me having a really gorgeous meal with Riverwillow, chomping my way through a plate full of assorted crustaceans and shellfish, talking writing non-stop for... well a couple of hours at any rate.

One thing though - I've discovered that having an espresso last thing at night isn't the cleverest of things to do.

And another thing: urban foxes sound like banshees (and tend to go on and on and on for hours...).

And that people, round where Riverwillow lives, like to go horse riding at 5 in the morning up the street.

Adds a whole new meaning to joy-riding.


Saturday, I met up with Debi and Minx, and we walked and bussed the legs-of-ourselves. Starting with an 'eco-fair' where we had lunch on the hoof, we then perambulated onto the bus and into the West end to meet up with members of Bookarazzi, where we ogled each other's books, talked a good deal about writing, book deals and publishers and got to know each other better. There were about twelve (maths never was my strong suit) of us there; a really good turn out considering it was early December and the shopping end of things has so many people out trolling about.

Later on, the Minx and Debi had arranged to go to see John Bently, a performance poet, in the Canterbury Arms in Brixton. A bit of a double whammy for me - Brixton was where I lived first when I moved to London... way, way back in the distant past - and I was intrigued to find that I knew the pub we were in as well, having been there manys a time... in the way, way back times... (okay I'm not that old, but humour me, why don't you).

Anyway, we watched him do his stuff, complete with a wooden leg, a washboard, a saw and later on aided and abetted by the highest pair of silver heels I've ever seen in my entire life! And all without the aid of a safety net. But with a very, very good bunch of musicians. Bently has been described as being 'quite an exhibitionist.'

To say that I found the whole set interesting, would be putting it mildly - I'm sure Minx or Debi have covered this (ahem) much better than I possibly could (just checked and Minx has).


I returned yesterday to the cleanest house in Ireland, restocked with food, and washing done... I am slightly worried as this is not the normal post-going away state of my home. A big thank-you to everyone whose sofa-beds I slept on this weekend and the hospitality of the Debi household is now become legend.


belle said...

heheheheee! What can I say in my defence? Not much, just that the big pants made me giggle :o))) Glad you had an excellent time and I promise being forty is fab!

S. Kearney said...

Wonderfullllllllll write-up Cailleach. :-) You three must make a good trio! Sounded like the perfect way to spend a weekend. :-) And for the b'day bash.

S. Kearney said...

Oooppps ... and ... don't know the exact day but HAPPY BIRRRDAY! :-)

Casdok said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

Roll on the next one - watch this space!

riverwillow said...

It was lovely to see you and the banshees were serenading your 40th as they've not been around since. Glad it was a good one.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much guys - I had lots to think on when I got back, loads of ideas for poems and I'm afraid that I hit the week running, which is why it's a while since I've been here -more later on!

Debi said...

Where's my comment? You didn't pack it in your bags by mistake, did you?

belle said...

It'll be the pants that inspired you ... certainly inspired me ... whole blog post on the subject ... see what you've unleashed?!?!

Jan said...

Sounds good.
Nowhere quite like London.
You will probably suggest Dublin as a near parallel to which Id agree to some extent.

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