Tuesday, February 20, 2007

That Lowe Thang - Mortal Ghost

Every week, or possibly every two weeks, if I've been a bit remiss, I go to see the latest installment in Mortal Ghost.

I've never read anything quite like it, for the combination of writing craft, the portrayal of emotion and its sheer beauty.

And it seems like months ago, which indeed it was, that I began reading this, thinking that I could not sustain the supense over forty weeks, which was the time-frame set out for this method of bringing a new novel to an audience in an unusual manner. As it is, it almost coming to a close - there are only a few short weeks left to the conclusion!!!

I would love to see this novel become published and read by those (like the teenage son I have) who devour stories about protagonists a little like them but with powers outside the normal range of teenagers (thank goodness!).

Put this one on your blog-roll, blab about it to your friends - but do go and read it, if you've not already. It's jaw-droppingly gorgeously written - I am so envious!

Of course, it would help if I linked it properly - duh!


John said...

On the way.

Lee said...

Oh dear, now I'm as pink as your blog. But thanks. I hope the rest of the story somehow lives up to your expectations.

Shameless said...

i will also check it out, Cailleach.

I've left an explanatory message on your earlier post about your poem as well. :)

Cailleach said...

There you go Lowe! 2 New readers already!

Thanks Shameless, I see what you meant now! I was having a blonde moment...