Wednesday, July 12, 2006

That oul Meme thing!

BB's (Becoming Amethyst) take, then Paris Parfait -

10 Favourites

Favourite season: Very hard to decide- invariably not the one I’m in – Okay Winter
Favourite colour: Porphyry, closely followed by red
Favourite time: before sleep, that unaware/aware feeling before you fall a la Alice
Favourite food: Difficult there are so many – steak is good, but only occasionally
Favourite drink: water, alcoholic – beer but wine will do at a pinch
Favourite ice cream:
Vanilla – nice and simple
Favourite place: Paris/London and Dublin on a good day
Favourite sport:
anything that induces sweat!?!
Favourite actor: Johnny Depp
Favourite actress: Sissy Spacek

9 Currents

Current feeling: Relaxed (post assignment)
Current drink: Beer
Current time: 22:22 BST
Current show on TV: Who cares?
Current mobile used: Nokia
Current windows open: Many
Current underwear:
Pink stripey shorts
Current clothes: Long skirt and Purple t-shirt
Current thought: Thank god I made a start!

8 Firsts

First nickname: Barbara Woodhouse –she trained dogs. I didn’t realize the import until many years later
First kiss: yuk. It felt so mechanical
First crush: Nah!
First best friend(s): Mary – still best friends!
First vehicle I drove:
Father’s shiny Datsun
First job: Painting on tiles for a tile place!
First date: The local ballroom of romance…!
First pet: Dagobear – an Alsatian the same age as me

7 Lasts

Last drink: Beer
Last kiss: Eimear, my twin daughter
Last meal: Dinner – new potatoes, carrots, parsnips and medallions of bacon
Last web site visited: OU website
Last film watched: Like I have time to watch them!
Last phone call: Mother-in-law
Last TV show watched:Prison Break

6 Have you evers

Have you ever broken the law: All the time
Have you ever been drunk: Don’t get me started!
Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know: Lots of times
Have you ever been in the middle/close to gunfire: Yes, NI upbringing
Have you ever skinny dipped: Yup
Have you ever broken anyone's heart: Part of life, I guess.

5 Things

Things you can hear right now: Traffic, computer whirring, phone ringing, children squabbling, beer settling
Things on your bed: pillows, books, papers, personal radio to drown out noise, duvet
Things you ate today: weetabix, bread, ham, bacon, spuds,
Things you wouldn't want to live without: Words, yes, no, maybe, beer, love
Things you do when you are bored: Paint toenails, cut kids hair, read, listen, rant

4 Places you have been today

back garden

3 Things on your desk right now

Madame Bovary,
The Portrait of a Lady
Empty beer glass

2 Choices

Black or white: Err, grey
Hot or cold: Cold feet are better than post hot bath blood pressure! I’m learnin’

1 Place you want to visit

Machu Pichu


bb said...

Porphyry - you had me reaching for the dictionary there- nice choice!
Great answers, great to get to know you better, with love from one beer drinking woman to another ;-)(yesm only wine at a push!)

apprentice said...

Great meme. I love beer too, sadly it no longer loves me. But I'd die without a cup of tea, really labourer stuff, like they used to drink out of golden syrup tins.

apprentice said...

grr real, sorry!

Cailleach said...

A cup of tea is how I usually start the day.

I like it strong too "tar to pave the road" as my Granny used to say!

Minx said...

'Spoon stander'my granny said. Grandad called his pint 'sunshine juice' - funny how things stick down the years!

psychesoma said...

Enjoyed your blog! I'm surprised you have time for it though, considering the funny demands of AA316. Your poetry is drinkable! I drank some yesterday, some today and I'll leave a little for tomorrow. It leaves a pleasant taste. Thanks.Peter. OU know!

psychesoma said...

more poems, miss! Or is it ms?

paris parfait said...

Fascinating list - and porphyry - there's tons of that beautiful colour in the Louvre in Paris.